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This is the page on The Task.

One doesn't need to be a linguist to make a language.

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Here: The Group has two years or so to complete The Task.

You have two years to create a language and start speaking it.

The Goal is to pick words that might be of interest to the Players so they can get some level of control over the language being created: that is, if a player wants to control Conflict, the words he must pick should be like "war", "enemy" or "territory"; but, if one player wants to change the world and make it a better place, words like "education" or "language" would be great and grant the Player information with which set Assets in the right direction.

Assets may be just everything, but some are more important and useful.

The Player knows how many times his Words are used in a single day.

It comes also with the information on where it's more used, by whom and why.

You can "allow" or "negate" specific uses of your Words, the ways you want.

Example: "I don't want anyone using "education" with a negative meaning".

Then, the Game Group needs to keep track of the new language's Wordlist.

It's like creating a brand new Dictionary –– and Grammar –– for your brand new language.

The permission and negation of Words might generate Energy, to be used in Magic.

Then, the Game Group disputes or make agreements on the control and use of Words of Power.

The use of Words of Power also generates special places or Hot Spots: Places of Power.

You can also compete or cooperate with each other, in a gentleman's game.

We divide all actions in two types: Threats and Opportunities; one you need to react or things go bad, but the second leaves the option to do something or not. Then, you make notes on the maps and keep track of everyone's Assets, dates etc –– better if you have more copies of your maps.

You may "enter" one character and be her/him for the time needed: the Legend being created.

See Mapmaking for information on how to deal with maps.

See Conlang Wars for the main article on The Game mechanics, but please be patient.

We have to ask for your patience, for this Wiki is made both in Portuguese (first), then in English.

We'll have some tips on Light Linguistics (Conlang Wars) too, but it may take a while to be.

You'll need a Map to keep track of everything, and document the experience.

Remember this: Put the date in every piece of paper you write anything; anything.

A Player gain Experience when using the language, to be used in Creative Work.

You can change Old Words into new ones, make sound changes, specify Grammar and much more.

If you like Flashcards (Conlang Wars), give it options to generate Legends.

You need Legends to make The World be more interesting and The Play more fun. You'll need a few House Rules to start too. A Tarot Deck, and a book on the Journey of The Hero to make sure you get the best Entity list used in Action Tale Enigma, and at least one Player needs to keep notes on the Story.

Our texts on Mythology, Cosmology and more, with comments, are here to make it easier.

Go to our Lists (list) whenever you're about feeling lost.

More pages and notes derive from information already present in some other text.

More information will be added step by step; and we thank you for your patience, your support and comments.

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We also share news on @schmmach and several questions on Magic on @themagicnation.

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The saying "Roll the Dice" will echo beyond the legend.

Thanks for reading, and Be welcome.