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Conlang Wars –– A Story Game for Conlangers

Firstly, Be welcome to the Action Tales Enigma Wiki project.

This is the English Section, but please keep in mind it's a Wiki, so it may take some time to write.

Our goal is to bring authorial works to you, and more is coming, Novels, Tales, Conlang Classes, and more.

Here: Conlang Wars is a Story Game created by Sol Cajueiro.

Enigma Action Tales has many names: Enigma Fictional Multiverse, Schmmach (also on Twitter), and others.

Sol: I've first presented the Conlang Wars game at The Laboratório de Jogos –– it's Portuguese for "Games Lab" –– in 2014, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; but for some reason the videos are not ready, but they will; and I'm sure Conlang Wars needs to be the first game published here (2014).

So, Conlang Wars is being presented to you for free, with a Creative Commons license (see the beginning of this page), or please check Enigma:Aviso_geral for more information on the license; and feel free to send a tweet to @brikkomi on Twitter.

This game is simple: Do you know RPG? Imagine create your own language while playing! That's it.

You'll find here information on Conlang Wars, Novels, Tales, languages, and much more.

Enigma started in 1991, but it was in 2001 it became an Art by Sol Cajueiro, the same as his Conlangs.

Sol Cajueiro shares with close friends he first created a Conlang in 1985, Draka. Draka is now merged with Oeldar, also Hlar which means language, then this language is being created to the Novels for the multiverse of Enigma, first published in Portuguese.

We have to ask for your patience, for this Wiki is made both in Portuguese, then in English.

The first test was done in 1991 with the Galactic Empire, during P1 (Project 1), and evolved as a project one by one up to the present. It was originally an RPG, or Role Playing Game, and it evolved into a Story Game with Shared Narrative naturally in the process.

We'll have many Tips on Conlang Wars here, including Mapmaking, Storytelling Techniques, Tactics, and more.

All you need is to gather a group, make a map and start picking your words.

Don't bother with too much Linguistics (Conlang Wars), but we'll have tips on it too. First, you may want to read O Grande Jogo, which means The Great Game, with the main goal in our Wiki project, that is to investigate The Great Game, then you'll probably want to know how to play, so Testes and Magia are both a nice start.

Sol Cajueiro is an active member of the Facebook groups Conlangs, Constructed Languages, Conlang Proficiency, Conworlding L&C, and more, all nice places to get more info on Conlangs if you want to share your Art, take part into Translation Challenges, etc.

Sol's most famous language is Akkia, but there are more: Draka, or Oeldar, Kfu, Elfae, Mahou, Slanka, and a few more.

There are many notes on Conlangs, Game Design and Worldbuilding, all in paper.

It may take some time to publish it here, mostly because Sol's lost seven hard drives with his works before; now, everything's done with redundancy and backups are done regularly, just to grant you the right to (according to the Creative Commons

license) have your own Conlanging Challenge here.

The Conlang Wars Basics are a few rules to grant the Game Group will really create a language.

There are many types of Conlangs: Artlangs, Auxlangs and Loglangs to name.

Here: Well, well,... You'll need some patience: The Group has two years or so to complete The Task.

It means a Game Group, playing Conlang Wars, has two years to create and start speaking a brand new language. (Sol) I always start with Grammar, and then go straight to Vocabulary creating a Dictionary, but you may want to create it your way!

That's okay.

This game's being made for Action Tales Enigma (EFM) and the rules are being published here.

––––– Our motto is simple: Enigma is The Multiverse waiting for you.

We're neither so-serious as Wikipedia[1] nor so-great as TV Tropes[[2]].

Both are very good places to look for new words: the beginning and the end of the Internet.

You'll need a group, the Story Game or RPG book you most likely find interesting to use, a few Flashcards, dices and whatever else you want. The Starting Point is to create a very clear map with whatever date you want to put on it, and a few House Rules to start.

Our texts on Mythology, Cosmology and more, with comments, are here to make it easier.

Take the example: The Nine Elements Table: 1. iyari (water), 2. fu (air), 3. tukket (lightning), 4. blat (blood, plasm), 5. heat (heat), 6. ter (earth), 7. naryór (fire), 8. toiyo (light), and then 9. arika (fog).

This is a Family of Words, the first Technique we want to share with you.

Please, group your words in Families, with irregularities listed; they're going to be used later.

Now, we need some time to let you create Your Own Rules, to start with.

More pages and notes derive from information already present in some other text.

More information will be added step by step; and we thank you for your patience, your support and comments.

Send a tweet to @brikkomi on Twitter with your questions.

We also share news on @schmmach and several questions on Magic on @themagicnation.

Feel free to use our ideas on your Table, for personal use, and please read the Enigma:Aviso_geral license.

The saying "Roll the Dice" will echoe Beyond the Legend.

Thanks for reading, and Stay Plugged.