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This is the page on Mapmaking.

One doesn't need to be a designer to make a map.

Note: Some rights reserved (Sol Cajueiro).

Go to Enigma:Aviso_geral to see the license.

Mapmaking is an Art, but you just need to make sure the world is easily seen and understood.

Make sure you have copies of your maps, and keep them ready to be used by the Master and Players.

First, in Enigma Action Tales you'll make a world map, or Karta. Then, our texts on Toj (English), Kalaummuklutwa (English) and Akkoya (English) must be of some help while the Game Group's planning this first step: You need a first draft of The World's History.

Don't make too much of this! The world's history needs to be simple.

Just put enough space to the unseen, supernatural and magic while you think of it.

Why Magic is important? Because in Conlang Wars you're going to participate in the Match for the word power.

Keep in mind the Three Spheres: Common, Hero and Player –– the first Types.

There are many Types, or ways to organize the Types you want.

Mostly, you'll need: Witch or Wizard, Manifester or Psionic, Monk, Vampire, Djine, and the Types you want.

Go to Conlang Wars to read more on Types; and be patient, please, while we make revision and publish.

This game is dependent of our Action Tales Enigma Multiverse and the rules behind it.

But you can adapt it for the mechanics the Game Group wants to play.

You'll need a Type Sheet, then create a Character to be your "portal" to interact with the world.

Here, you are a Player: you're alive in the world somehow, but you want words, not to die. Your spirit can stop time and gather with other Players, but you can't move things from place.

Of course, once you put the first Types on the map, Players must pick the one(s) wanted, and make a starting Agreement to not engage War. But here, do keep in mind that this is a Story Game, so put them somewhere and make everyone roleplay.

Players can identify how many times their Words are spoken during the day.

This doesn't need to be in the maps, but point where the Words are used with a pure positive or negative sense.

It gives the Player the notion what to do next, when allowing or preventing their Words to be used.

Put whatever date you want on the map, but do have the history behind that date.

It doesn't matter much, right now, but will when Assets start to become important.

What is an Asset? Everything. One Player can control the vampires, one the Witches and Wizards, and so on.

A place can be an Asset? Yes, that's the reason of making maps: Places of Power.

The Places of Power, also known as a Hot Spot, is a spot in the Map of Magic. It's an inherent part of Magic. When a Player links their Words of Power to a Hot Spot, it starts to generate Magic there, so wizards, sorcerers and mages start to dispute that Place, for the Magic it emanates.

There, you have the Starting Point for a Story Game Campaign: name it! Give Words to it.

Vampires doesn't take part in this first steps, but the Nekron (Immortality) gives them visions.

Then, the elder immortals start to dispute for the Meanings of the Words they see.

During the Action Tales Enigma story you'll need a Tarot Deck, for a very good inside game reason, here.

Archetypes are the opposite of "Stereotypes": one is universal and the other limited.

We use the Tarot Archetypes as the main group of Entities, guides on the Journey of The Hero.

The Hero is a Sphere, but unlike the Player, they're prophesied to save the world. Do you think they're one Asset too? Right! Just be careful not to reveal to the hero the existence of The Game you're playing, because a hero will probably see you as a villain, a problem to kill.

We tested it a lot, and the world of (still in Portuguese; wait for translation) Toj, Kalaummuklutwa and Akkoya will be our examples.

During the Playtest, everyone started to pick the words related to their characters, but you can do more.

Imagine now that the Players are not the only Players in the Timeline: Allies? Enemies? You decide.

Players can see through Time (U-lla) and Space (Kai-lu), these are Draka words, not allowed to be controlled.

But the Story needs to Players to play, that is to roleplay and interact with the world.

You have the starting Map to set the Starting Point, and a few House Rules to make them play.

The Starting Agreement sets the "No Aggression" mode and Players are likely to be Allies.

Now, think about Points: you can have the set of points you want, for Experience, Drama, use of the language, and so on.

Make a Round be made of 5 Point, but it may be extended to six or seven, no more: Stay Simples.

Now, each Round is made of the decision making which happens during the Story, and at the end of each Round the Players must gather Off-Time (yes, they can have a meeting out of the Timeline, and time stops during the meeting) to make a new Agreement, talk about the Match for the word power, the Heroes, and other Assets they want to control, or the Story. The Story must give them the Opportunity to use the Conlang being created.

There are two ways to interact with the other Players: Threat and Opportunity –– Make it happen! It's a Story.

Then, you'll need to know the Common population –– a Sphere –– is too much important.

You want your Conlang to be spoken, right? Chances to use it? Give it to the common people.

Meanwhile, The Antagonist(s) may also be working to control the Conlang being created.

Put all the changes in the Map, with notes on the date "that" happened, and go on playing.

You have two years to complete The Task: to create and become fluent in your Conlang.

Our texts on Mythology, Cosmology and more, with comments, are here to make it easier.

Go to our Lists (list) whenever you're about feeling lost.

More pages and notes derive from information already present in some other text.

More information will be added step by step; and we thank you for your patience, your support and comments.

Send a tweet to @solcajueiro on Twitter with your questions.

We also share news on @schmmach and several questions on Magic on @themagicnation.

Feel free to use our ideas on your Table, for personal use, and please read the Enigma:Aviso_geral license.

The saying "Roll the Dice" will echo beyond the legend.

Thanks for reading, and Be welcome.