Delicate Report

De Enigma
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This is a Story.

Recent events lead to The Great Judgement, but that was a prophecy made two thousand years ago.

Everyone will be judged, and no one escapes The Judgement.

Know, then, that this is the year 201.028 at., also known as 2018 arda, and a few young students are moving through initiation. The first step was studying the 5 Elements, during this year. The next, who knows?

Yes, there is someone who knows what the next steps should be.

By the end of the year, the first part of the construction will be ready to accept the students.

Three years before, a huge number of witches were set free from thousand of constructs, in the place we'll name here as Inhaim -- a big city, in a country not as important as people here want it to be.

(Belo Horizonte will be named Inhaim, and also Bealae, in our narrative).

Now, these witches want to be part of a new society, named The Magic Nation.

It may be the only way to be big enough to fight the other Ordos -- it means: Factions -- and wizards and witches must get prepared, for during the first steps of this immense Judgement, 300 milion people became demons.

They did bad things, so bad and so many we cannot number all of them.

What's happening? Well, demons are the vilest creatures in all multiverses, and they are trying to control everything.

Days ago, you have chosen to remember a message from the Ancients.

Only those who wanted to know what's really happening were allowed to remember.

"Here is The Ancients. This is the time of The Great Judgement, and everyone will be judged", they said, and "Know that demons are trying to control everything, but the elder races won't let them do this. As part of the Judgement, fanatics will become demons. You probably don't know, but the world is bigger than the continents you're accostumed to see in a map, because of parallel dimensions. You have a huge number of dimensions in this world. There are three hundred dimensions, and so, living in those dimensions are more than sixty billion people. From these, we expect three billion and a half become demons. This is happening everywhere. We are here to say there is life elsewhere. Actually, there's more life than we can count. You are not alone, and we will help you with the problems you're facing, like demons, and probably other problems, because we are old and we know you are in need. We were first attracted to this world because of a dimensional dictatorship which is in the control of fourty dimensions. This is not a thing we would come for help, but then, the dictator died and this is near a civil war, and civil war makes possible for us to come and help. Then, we discovered the Time War started here, and this became the problem to be solved. We won't let this world to make war. This is not a possibility, not a wanted thing, and not welcome. Only those who want to know will have permission to remember this. So, you don't have to worry about this being the Great Revelation, and you can live your life normally. Have a nice day, and night. Signed: The Ancients".

Then, well, living in the bra country, there are a huge number of witches and a few wizards.

They know they needed to hide, because the mages were in the control of society.

Society is suffering from a disease, let's say. Politics and economic groups, as well as mafia and militias, all are suffering of Corruption. This is so bad, people started to believe all polititians are corrupts, and money is the problem.

Money is not the problem, but indeed that's what the Communists want people to think.

Some people say they are gone, and don't exist anymore.

Well, that's a real problem, because if people don't even believe they exist, they can do everything they want.

We are not saying the othe side is right, just because this side is wrong.

Then, wizards and witches need to gather in the new society, The Magic Nation needs to stay strong agains Power, and Corruption. But, at the same time, they need to organize knowledge, to study it.

Here, that's where the idea of having Schools was born.

"We are going to gather at a place, make possible a School to be, and teach the youth".

That's the dream, so many other Schools will be there in the future.

This is not the only Delicate Report we have to share, but here we have listed most of the problems. You'll be able to study, and have a future. There is plenty of people working for you to have that.

We'll see each other in other posts, with more information.

End of Report.