Arda, As of 2070 -- Our Earth

De Enigma
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Hello, and Be welcome.

The year is 2020, when everything changed.

It happens the Ordos (Faction) of mages, that were trying to control everything were destroyed last year, and now no one is in the control.

The Guardian Council is back, after 200 million years.

This is a Storytelling game, then,...

Attributes: Roll a D10 and tell 'em a Story.

1) Truth, 2) Darkness, 3) Light, 4) Chaos, 5) Mutation, 6) Ilusion, 7) Order, 8) Ecstacy, and 9) Secret.

If you Roll a Zero: One amongst Deus, The Goddess, and Oxalá will then chose what must happen.

Respect the Ideals of people, or gain Corruption points.

A whole Story has ended by 2019.

Now, by 2020, The School of The Great Game is founded, and witches and wizards from the old Bra territory can now construct The School.

The Zenkan Casters from Japan also stabilish a School, together with the wizards and witches who are trained in a parallel dimension at Tokyo.

But then, what is Enigma, and how to play?

This is the Timeline for the play, and you'll need some important information to get going and play the game.

The School of The Great Game trains witches and wizards, oracles, licanthropes, and now, noble masters and treasures.

It's also a School created to educate new teachers.

It all changed with the revelation that a super training exists, and there are young students being trained, who will be able to make Super Magic effects.

The School is created with the publication of a Book.

The Book of The Great Game, written by the School's Headmaster, Tarja, teaches how to become a Players, and how to access and control your Assets, which can be anything a player can control during life.

It was then, that a group called The Guard revealed its existence.

They are angels, and then you can play an angel in Enigma.

The mages who were punished during The Great Judgement were mages of vices and used to make Rituals with demons, and they used to call Order their organizations.

No organization named Order survived The Great Judgement.

But there are good mages, the Tradition mages.

They enter in contact with The School of The Great Game in order to settle an agreement, specially the Traditions named Striders of The Light, who are christians, and Magiker.

It's said The Striders were already in contact with The School of Ireland.

A new language is published by the bra School, Akkia.

It is a language made of sparks of revelations, with the help of Toth, the god of knowledge of Egypt.

It all starts with the contact from a race named The Ancients.

The Ancients said The Great Judgement started.

It's also said only people who want to know what really happen will remember the message, and in this message they revealed three billion and a half people would become demons. They were the religious fanatics, but calm down, the number is right.

It happens Arda, our Earth, has three hundred dimensions. Living in these dimensions are about sixty billion people, so the number means about five percent.

Then, the ancients also said this is happening everywhere else.

This is 2020, and we know now there's live in other worlds.

It happens the Guardian Council identify the members of KGB, and the group is dismantled, but also the agents of The United States. What happens, then? It means The War is over. It means no one is trying to control the world, so people are free to think as they want, but actually the capitalism won, under european efforts.

The russians craete a new association, named Useely Effort, now in control of wizards and witches, and started training them, and also to train the Useely Tribes of the east.

It all changed with the crash landing of a space ship in Japan.

Japan went to The United Nations to say: "It is in Japanese territory, so it's japanese", and China agreed. Who would discuss with China? Then, Japan started to investigate the ship.

As of 2030, the new training from the bra school gained space in other Schools, namely The School of Ireland, and The House in the United Kingdom, who trained nobles since 15th century, is chosen as the group to train the noble masters.

The House is created to order the new trained nobles, but it is the bra School in the city known as Inhaim, or Bealae, who controls the new training.

What is a noble master?

Noble master is the name of a new technique of training, created by the bra School, to give orders to those with super training, able to make Epic Magic, or Super Magic, happens.

It is said the Zenkan casters are elementalists who can control the elements, in Japan, so this is added to their list of training, and a new School is created.

The mages of Virtue, namely the Tradition mages, who were helping Japan in investigating the spacecraft which crashed in their territory created the Zenkan training. It uses inborn abilities to control the elements.

Japan starts mining the asteroid belt.

Then, Japan became so rich, there was Japan, and the world.

A new nation is revealed, The Wizards of The East, but they don't have much to add, only various new Spells.

The Magic Nation, which founded The School of The Great Game explains the theory of Players and Corruptors, so now the secret societies know that.

As of 2040, the United Kingdom went to The United Nation to find a way to control Japan, because they were buying other countries.

Japan now owns The United States, and the Brazilian territory.

The japanese found two very important organizations in The United States, and they are the school named Soft Corps School, for wizards and witches, and the Droidka, to create droids.

The Oracle of Time, from the wizards of São Paulo city, send a message to every group which study Magic in the world, saying space travel won't happen.

And Japan had to agree, because they could not understand the technology of travel used by the ship which crash landed in their territory.

But the world would be able to control the solar system.

Europe found the Dalenpunkt, or Farpoint, in the East Siberia.

Then, it's revealed vampires exist.

They are seven lineages of vampires: Agape (love), Týr, of germanic origin, Egeu, which is an ancient vetalla two million years old, has his own Shadow lineage, Akai, from Japan, Ibis, from Egypt, Nosferatu, from Denmark, and Valar, from Finland.

The Secret, name used to refer to the revelations the world is suffering, add a new revelation to its amount.

The licanthropes, they are: Shadowcasters, Ratkin, Thon, Orakor, Elukrengi, Kevyt and Mahdi.

Psionics are also revealed, and they form a new nation in bra territory.

As of 2050, The Guardian Council says The War is finally a thing of the past.

The Tätiker School of Germany makes contact with The Gray.

Then, the germans started training technomancers, together with their mage of virtue training, Hellsehenmann (Telepaths), and Týr training.

The Occultist North, the northeast of the old United States territory, is the only group who still studies demons, but now to hunt 'em.

So, there's no demon left to try to corrupt the world.

But the bra people explain there are still Corruptors in the world.

There is a type of vampire called Plague.

These vampires transform who they bite, and they lose their souls, then all Schools gather in order to train new students to kill those vampires.

As of 2070, demons are reincarnating again.

The only School who enjoys the news is The School of Salem.

They are witches, decendants of Lilyt.

China finally take control of Affrica, except for Egypt.

Egypt has a school, named The House of Magic.

Egyptians are revealed to exist in many other worlds, by The Guardian Council, but now they're saying The War is again at the doors of Arda, Our World.

Demons now are well hidden, by rules of reincarnation.

Who are them, now? How to confront 'em?

The foreigners says it's forbidden to pass technology to the new races, so when will our world be able to make space travel possible?

The reptilian race, tyke, makes contact with The United Nations.

The God of Life, The Way and Light of Egypt, Rha, together with the God of Knowledge, Toth, and The God of The Inferior World, Seth, reveal they got together to create the physical form of the faeru, the elves, who existe for a million years at the Astral plane.They reveal this happened as of 2020, that is, fifty years ago.

It is revealed the faeru are one of the universal races.

The faeru says our race is named elae, and exist in one million and a half worlds, and that they serve as ground keepers of their houses since the race were in pre-historical ages.

What will happen with the elae race? What is our destiny?

And so, this is Arda, Our Earth, and we hope to survive.

See the map of 2070, in here, for more information.

There are lists of Types of character in the map, and for example, Princesses are listed. A princess is an electable noble master, because they have The Voice as inborn ability, and so, they can give orders to Treasures and make Super Magic happen.

Many other Secrets will be revealed.

The Enigma, for exmple, is a place, the higher place in Cosmology, home to the Attributes, shown in the map as the Enigma method of telling a Story.

The Rules are the beginning of this text.

So, I hope you're enjoying the reading, and,...

Stay Plugged, Stay True.